• 2017 Key Award ITA (2014-2009-2006-2005-2004)
  • 2014 Effie Mena Awards
  • 2012 Mena Cristal
  • 2008 Bronze ADCI (Art Directors Club Italiano)
  • 2005 Festival International em Lingua Portuguesa
  • 2005 Festival della Pubblicità di Tenerife
  • 2004 n. 2 Short List IAFF of CANNES
  • 2004 n. 2 Silver Clube de Creativos of Lisbon
  • 2004 Gold Prisma Award of Lisbon
  • 2002 Gold Prix ADCI (Art Director’s Club Italiano)

As a little child Fabrizio was intrigued by movies. His dream was acting but watching his father filming and editing some home movies he realised that the entire filmmaking was really stimulating for his childish fantasy.

As result after finishing his studies he joined a production group and learned the fine art of editing becoming the youngest editor in Italy. In the mean while he attended for 3 years an acting and improvisation school leads by R. Gordon from Actors Studio of New York.  Here he tastes the flavor of directing himself and others and here he realizes his real passion:  being behind the camera.

Later on he attended an interesting work shop of Judith Weston “Directing Actors”.
He participated at the collective movie “Un altro mondo è possibile” presented at the International Venice Film Festival.

He has worked extensively all over the world and his clients include Coca-Cola, Vodafone, Toyota, Sony, Samsung, Telecom, Siemens, Renault, Mastercard, Kraft, Molson Coors, SABMiller… amongst others.